Our team of Research & Development tax specialists are committed to delivering outstanding service to our partners and customers.

We have a dedicated relationship manager and online hub with your personal login, to ensure you are kept up to date on all progress within
the claim


We keep our clients happy and updated, which means your clients are satisfied, too.

How We Partner With Introducers

To Claim Research & Development Tax Credits

An R&D tax referral partnership with Plan it Tax can add value to your business without taking up much of your time, as our specialist team will take all the time-consuming work out of your referral’s hands.

By working alongside Plan it Tax, you can benefit from seeing your referral business flourish with a new source of funding that could help them to grow and become more developed. You too can grow from the support that they are gaining as you earn financial benefit from referring a business, which can strengthen their relationship with you.

We work with many of the UK’s leading accountancy firms and financial advisers. We offer a flexible service that will complement your practice’s offering no matter what sector you are in, whilst also saving you time building a relationship with the referral business.

How does the claims process work?

We can provide information on how to identify qualifying expenditures. However, we typically find that the most reliable method is a telephone call or a meeting with your client to assess potential qualifying activity.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that we can work with you and your clients to identify all elements of expenditure that could potentially qualify for tax relief, therefore ensuring every claim is maximised.

How will Plan it Tax look after your referral partner?

Client satisfaction is our primary concern when handling R&D claims. We tailored our client journey to ensure that the client receives the maximum claim possible and that they are updated along the process whilst taking minimal time away from their schedule. A happy client gives us more in-depth answers when we enquire about any innovative processes. Therefore a happy client benefits both parties when claiming R&D tax credits. By referring a business to Plan it Tax, you could strengthen your relationship with your referral partner whilst benefiting every party involved financially.

What’s more, our bespoke and highly advanced customer relationship manager (CRM) software enables us to provide a high-quality, seamless service to our clients and partners. With this software, we can provide partners with a dedicated online hub allowing them to monitor their referral’s progress remotely and in real-time, so they know how far along they are with their R&D tax claim.

Can you offer a hands-on approach?

Some of our business partners look for us to provide a turnkey solution by handling the entire R&D claim process from start to finish. Equally, some of our clients prefer to play an active role in the R&D claims process.

We offer a flexible approach and are on-hand as your trusted R&D tax specialists, enabling you to ensure that all of your clients can benefit from HMRC incentives available to qualifying businesses.